"TiaDa Apa...HaNya SekaDaR LuAhaN BicAra.."

Monday, March 14, 2011

HerE & TheRe ^-^

Several month passing by after 'THAT' day and without noticing, my weight increasing day by day..hehe..maybe due to the office environment that make me so lazy to do the exercise..(padahal mmg aku pemalas pon) and maybe due to the weather that too hot that make me dun wanna go out..(cuba ajak g shopping, dengan deras nye aku ikut ^-^......)

Ermmm...wat to do..mr.husband already told me to follow him jogging but I hate it..I hate jogging so much.. It makes all my muscles cramping..haha (tu la pasal ko kena senam...aparaaa)..Ajak la g men bola jaring ke, kejar2 ke kan...

Maka timbulkan idea membeli dancing mat..So, my fren and I go to shopping mall to get that mat..although the apek cannot understand what I want to buy at the early stage of our conversation, but I achieved to bought it...hahaha!!! takbur sket

With high spirit, I as my hubby to set it in his PS and to play it so I can start my 'poco-poco'..It funs and it can be one of the exercise tool..haha(cr alasan)..so, it continue for several days and like usual, the mat right now laying on the cabinet because of my laziness..haha..

So that the story about how and why the dancing mat is 'here and there'...... q^ - ^p

Monday, October 25, 2010

reAlity oF life

As stated in the title and the name for my blog itself..huhu...

Everybody said that "Hidup ini bukan semuanya indah"..well that true..sangat2 la benarnya..sometime others that make live become so hard..terbukti...!!

well, pernah tak korang tertanya kenapa org kawen lari?kan kawen tak lari tu lagi best..betul tak?ada org kompangkan, kipas kan, pastu ramai org dtg doakan..kan3..tp setelah diri sendiri merasai remeh temeh nye setelkan hal2 kawen ni, br la dtg sedikit idea.."oooo., maybe ni antara reason dorang kawen lari kot...".. (memandai aku jek wat kesimpulan)hee..

benda plg menyakitkan kepala bila tiba bab menguruskan hal form (ada lagi la list2 sakit kepala di belakang2 nye, of course)..byk cuti abis kat situ jek..mana kena p beli borang, hiv test (almaklumla, setiap klinik ada time2 tersendiri), jumpa bos, jumpa ketua kampung, jumpa kadi, p lagi pej agama..kalau lain tempat, bertambah la kerejenye..angkut plak form pasangan ke tempat sendiri..tu blom masuk kira kena bawak skali saksi p dpn imam dan ++ rencah y lain..wallawehh..nasib aku baik jek sket sbb aku student..cuti asal boleh..hee..tu pon aku still pening..tak bleh bayang kalau aku kerja..ish3..sungguh la aku tak sabar nak bg setel ini benda..

Tu br pk pasal form, blom cmpur bj aku ke mana kasut ke mana lagi..try to imagine..benda gembira pon bleh jd tensen..kan3..nasib baik baju nikah dh siap (punye la, form tak setel, bj dh siap..haha)huhu..the only method left now is to keep forward and try to keep in schedule. (budget ada option lain,kih3)..may god bless me and everybody that helps me along this time..credits to all my gurl friends sbb sudi jek bila di ajak menemankan ke sana ke mari..

Just taking a short time to express what playing in my mind and my heart..tiada kaitan samada y masih hidup atau y telah meninggal dunia..

WorLd PeAcE!!!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Rumah sewa oh rumah sewa

It is already more than one month since the new semester begins. Thanks god this semester the schedule was not as hectic as previous semester.... I can slowly manage my personal preparation plus my studies..huh!!

Who thought that the preparation to do the wedding ceremony will need this tonnes of works.. A lot things need to be done.. A long list waited to be bought.. Not including the preparation after the ceremony.. surveying the best household things already take a lot of time (of cos money constraint was the top reason..hik3..)

Lately, my mind full with the "rented house" problem..Up until now, we still cannot find the best house to be rented..Why..??not only because there is less house are advertised to be rented, the environment surrounded that "rented house" can be described as "tak bleh blah"..hehehe..It always happens like this..When we don`t need any, we saw a lot of advertisement here n there showing for rented house. But when we need one, there are gone..ermmm....i wonder why..

Supposedly, our furniture need to deliver after this Aidil Fitri (I already forgot the exact date..huh, a lot of thing need to be reminded)..Where we should put all that things if this problem not be solve yet? If only i can buy that damn expensive house at pura kencana..hehe..I need to find house as soon as possible..Than i can think other problems.. Why it is so hard...why and why again..

One after another..as human, this is our trials..We need all this trouble to improvise ourself to be a better servant for our Creator Allah..I hope I can manage all the "up side down" list that waited to be concerned to..Insya Allah..

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Feeling bad

Today can count as my bad day..

I woke up this morning with this 'big eye' and it really spoil all my mood. Getting worse with the problem related to the new room that supposedly be the room that I sleep tonight...huhu..What the....!

In the laziness to do anything ,(because of all stuff already inside my car), and also wit this 'big eye', my roommate calling for help and I refuse it just because my laziness to unloading my stuff and the thunder is everywhere plus it raining heavily..(why I'm like that?)huhu..I didn't expect that she really will late and miss her flight!!

Right now I'm feeling very bad..What should I do..warghhh..
It haunted me right now..I'm a bad roommate right?isk..isk..isk..
If only I can turn back time....

I'm feel very bad.... (_ _)

Friday, April 23, 2010

I'm all alone

Just now my roommate left me with this empty room..She will going back to her hometown and tonight she staying at her friend's house.huhu..I'm all alone..
Its weird...I don't have any feeling to play any games likes when I'm surrounded and stacked with tonnes of assignments..I dunno why..ermmmmm....

Nothing much that I can say tonight because the silence inside my room makes me wanna sleep..
Right now I miss my family especially my talkative niece, my fiance and also my friends..huhu..

Goodnite everybody!!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Aiming for the best

Dunno why but I'm a little bit sad when driving my little baby back to campus..huhu..
Thought one week is enough to regain all the energy and spirit but the first thing that reach my mind after open my room's door is "I wanna go back home again!!!"..
Why?!! Because my roommate already packing all her stuffs and my room looks so empty..warghhh!!

But the feeling slowly flew away after meeting with other research members and the 'big boss'..hehe..
Their spirit actually influence my energy to resetting back my mind why I coming back here!!
I hope, I can successfully achieved what I aiming for..