"TiaDa Apa...HaNya SekaDaR LuAhaN BicAra.."

Monday, March 14, 2011

HerE & TheRe ^-^

Several month passing by after 'THAT' day and without noticing, my weight increasing day by day..hehe..maybe due to the office environment that make me so lazy to do the exercise..(padahal mmg aku pemalas pon) and maybe due to the weather that too hot that make me dun wanna go out..(cuba ajak g shopping, dengan deras nye aku ikut ^-^......)

Ermmm...wat to do..mr.husband already told me to follow him jogging but I hate it..I hate jogging so much.. It makes all my muscles cramping..haha (tu la pasal ko kena senam...aparaaa)..Ajak la g men bola jaring ke, kejar2 ke kan...

Maka timbulkan idea membeli dancing mat..So, my fren and I go to shopping mall to get that mat..although the apek cannot understand what I want to buy at the early stage of our conversation, but I achieved to bought it...hahaha!!! takbur sket

With high spirit, I as my hubby to set it in his PS and to play it so I can start my 'poco-poco'..It funs and it can be one of the exercise tool..haha(cr alasan)..so, it continue for several days and like usual, the mat right now laying on the cabinet because of my laziness..haha..

So that the story about how and why the dancing mat is 'here and there'...... q^ - ^p


  1. berjoget lah ko ek dgn dancing mat tu.. hihihi

  2. haha...br dua tiga kali aku joget atas tu..selebihnya, die lebih byk dok terlipat kat almari..haha..